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Born in 1977 François Burgun is a French photographer and visual artist, living between Arles, Paris and North America. After a master's degree in History of Art and Applied Arts at the University of Metz, he graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles with honors. Her photography became a visual artist by choice. His vision of the world is no longer that of capturing reality but that of pure creation. After various artist residencies at the Nicéphore Niepce Museum in France, in the Monkdogs Urban art Gallery in New York USA or at the artist 2FIK in Montreal; in 2012 he won the jury prize for new photography at the Lianzhou festival in China. Then in 2018 he participated in Bonjour India with the French Institute in New Delhi in India, in the Circulation festival at 104 in Paris last May-June in Paris as well as in Romania. Recently at the Réattu Museum, he took part in the exhibition Pandora's Box where he presented his latest work mixing laser-engraved butterfly wings and makeup paint.

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